I'm so blessed to interview my friend, Pastor Glenda Fields. We talk about many things including her urban garden, church planting, gentrification, an...View Details

Pastors Todd and Roshanda Womack are my friends and I appreciate their vulnerability in this episode. We talk about code-switching, intersectionality,...View Details

Kendall Vanderslice is a baker and writer on the East Coast. She has an MLA degree and an MTS degree from Duke University. We talk about her book, We ...View Details

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jeff Crowder. We talk about church planting, the imbalance of power, and mentoring others. Connect with me here. www....View Details

In this episode, I interview Dr. Glen Gardner. He is the district superintendent of Eastern Michigan District Church of the Nazarene.  We had a great ...View Details

It's hard to trust people in ministry sometimes. And this can lead to loneliness. And we ask ourselves if it's even possible to have close friendships...View Details

Are you afraid? Yes? Good. Now, get out of bed.  In this episode, I talk about using our fear as fuel and what God might be doing in this crazy pandem...View Details

In this episode, I interview my husband. We talk about how this pandemic is different from the recession. 

In 2012, my family went on a vacation to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In this episode, I share how we kept missing the sign, exploring Yosemite National Park, ...View Details

E31 Week 5 of a Pandemic

In this episode, I talk about pastoring through a pandemic. We are on week 5 of not being able to gather in person for worship. So let's talk about gr...View Details

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